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BuQuaTi's mission is to enable businesses with the right technologies and methodologies.

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BuQuaTi: Vision


Change is not an option, but an obligation in the new subscription-based, disruptive economy.

All levels of the organization need to adapt.

We enable our partners to comprehend the fundamentals, risks, and opportunities.

We acompany you all along your digital transformation journey; starting small and growing in agility.

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Why BuQuaTi?

Your Trusted Partner

BuQuaTi enables you with

A truly genuine set of products and solutions: BQT-ViPR, BQT-ViND, BQT-ViAN, BQT-ViAG, BQT-SPA, BQT-MLP.

A complete coverage of your current and upcoming challenges: Predictive Maintenance, Churn analysis, Customer Behavior Analysis, Fraud Detection, Predictive Warehouse Management, Demand/Sales Forecast, Product Market Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Performance Optimization, Automatic Diagnostics, Image Detection and Classification, Cyber Security Analysis and Response.

E2E advisory, project management and governance of your data science challenges, in particular Machine/Deep Learning.

Architecture and development of algorithms.

Optimization of your algorithms as well as your business processes.

Preparation, manipulation, and transformation of your data.

Training, evaluation, deployment, retraining of your models.

Security of your intellectual property; data, models, and applications.

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Smart Retail


BuQuaTi's Visual intelligent Product Recommender

Improve your e-commerce shopping experience.

Your customers will find what they seek in seconds.

Much more efficient than categorical, verbal search.

Moreover, you'll be able to follow the market trends with context just-in-time.

Run off-line with highest respect to your privacy (GDPR).

Achieve detections in milliseconds even on ordinary smart phones.

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Physical Shopping Experience


BuQuaTi's Visual intelligent Shopping Experience

Track anonymously and improve your visitors' physical shopping experience in real-time.

Airport Duty-free shopping zones, shopping malls, streets, anywhere!

Existing top-installed security cameras can be reused; no additional installation required.

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Smart Industry


BuQuaTi's Visual intelligent INDustry

Improve efficieny of your production line.

Pinpoint and eliminate issues before they endanger your business.

Realize the value of IoT+Machine Learning+Big Data+Cloud in a unique business scenario.

Run off-line with highest respect to your privacy (GDPR).

Achieve detections in milliseconds even on ordinary smart phones.

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Smart Agriculture


BuQuaTi's Visual intelligent AGriculture

Improve crop efficiency.

Reduce treatment cost, and hazardous environmental foot-print.

Installable on existing machinery, modern appliances, and drones.

Extreme economy, and ecology on large-scale agriculture.

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BuQuaTi: Some AI Business Cases

Integrating AI into Life.

New business processes arise naturally through this integration.

Act bald, stay curious, get disruptive; these are pillars of the evolution!

Smart Predictive Analytics


Understand better your customers' behaviors based on Machine Learning.

Proactively take actions to improve customer satisfaction.

Leverage on cross-selling opportunities.

Reduce churn rates. Optimize your efficiency and effectiveness through well-scoped marketing campaigns.

Analyze fraud, anomalies; and make better decisions.

Apply power of predictive analytics in Biomedical area.

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BuQuaTi: Machine Learning Platform

Focus on Your Business, We Manage the Rest.

While you're asking yourself how to leverage your business on machine/deep learning, many questions come up from data collection, preparation, labeling, modeling, training, testing, continuous development, continuous integration...

BuQuaTi's Machine Learning Platform (BQT-MLP) is the unique platform in the market which can serve all three Google TensorFlow models; TensorFlow, TensorFlow Mobile, TensorFlow Lite.

Our professional services acompanied by our Machine Learning Platform (BQT-MLP) enable your smart digital journey end to end; simplification, preparation, modeling, development, deployment, operations, analytics.

More than 60% of the efforts in a data project like Machine Learning, go into data preparation; cleansing, transforming, and labeling. We manage all aspects, and propose efficient, a-class solutions.

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BuQuaTi: SAP Solutions

The Right Technologies

At the Right Time

For the Right Customer

We accompany you during your digital journey; starting by listening, understanding your challenges to adopt the right technology stack, and methodologies.

We offer you end-to-end realistic business value scenarios to enable you to get the most of what you already have, and then enable your vision together.

ABAP, SAP HANA, SAPUI5/FIORI, SAP NetWeaver GateWay, Web Services, Micro Services, SAP Cloud Platform, CloudFoundry, SAP Leonardo... are smart pieces. Only when architected well, and integrated seemlessly, they serve to your business agility.

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BuQuaTi: Methodology

Pragmatism along Principals.

Our approach is not to apply the methodologies for the sake of applying them. Methodologies are guidelines.

We've developed best practices through experience, and out-of-box thinking constantly.

We take empathy, listening, and understanding as principals, and we define customer value as the ultimate objective.

At every stage, we stay factual, and enable data to talk.

BuQuaTi: Values


We defend progress, diversity, and free-speech. We

invest in Africa, and contribute to its future. We do this by training young talents, providing them data projects, enabling them to go further.
respect our planet.
believe in meritocracy.
are responsible individuals in our professional and private lives.

BuQuaTi: Partnership

Our Customers First

We strive for developing trust-based partnerships by putting our customers' interests in front of all.

To get a first impression, take a look into BuQuati Blogs which earned worldwide reputation.

BuQuaTi is partner/member of

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN),
SAP PartnerEdge,
RED SAP Solutions,
Pôle de compétitivité mondial SCS (Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées),
Université Côte d'Azur,
Université Nice Sophia Antipolis.

BuQuaTi: Contact

The way you want

You can contact us by

Telephone: +33 six seventy seven thirty three double zero eleven.
Face to Face: Business Pôle 1047, Route des Dolines Allée Pierre Ziller Sophia Antipolis 06560 Valbonne France